Wash a Weighted Blanket: Top Tips for Clean Comfort

Every blanket needs cleaning to keep it looking, feeling, and smelling fresh. Your weighted blanket does too. It may even need laundering sooner if you use it on your bed, couch, and everywhere.

The thought of throwing a heavy weighted blanket straight into your washing machine could make you wonder if it’s safe, however. Different heavy blankets and duvet covers do need different washing techniques, but you can keep them washed and fresh for your comfort and health.

It is a good idea to wash weighted blankets on their own to prevent damage. Also, never put a blanket over 12 or 15 pounds maximum in a home washing machine or dryer as it can be too heavy for the mechanism.

How to Wash a Cotton Weighted Blanket

A duvet cover is highly recommended for easy cleaning. Cotton weighted blankets can be washed like any other cotton fabric. Use cool or lukewarm water. For cotton fabric with bright or dark colors, use cold water first to prevent dye running. Regular laundry detergent is fine for weighted blankets.

Air dry by hanging the blanket up outside or over a drying rack. You can put blankets under 12-15 pounds in a tumble dryer on low or medium power. Front load washers and dryers may be able to handle only 10-12 pounds maximum. Do not use bleach, dry cleaning materials, or iron weighted blankets.

How to Wash a Bamboo Weighted Blanket

A duvet cover is highly recommended for easy cleaning. Bamboo is a sturdy, natural fabric that is washed much the same as cotton. Use cool or warm water, light detergent, and a cool or warm dryer cycle only. Bamboo weighted blankets can feel stiff when damp, but do not use fabric softener or dryer sheets. The fabric will soften when it dries and is used.

How to Wash Cotton Duvet Covers

A duvet cover requires no special washing instructions. Launder a cotton one the same way you would wash your bed sheets or cotton clothing. A washing machine set to regular cycle with warm or cool water and laundry detergent is fine. These can be dried in a machine or hung out on a line for a fresh, clean-air feeling.

How to Wash Bamboo Duvet Covers

As with cotton duvet covers, remove from the weighted blanket, zip them back up, and throw them in the washing machine in cool or warm water. A duvet cover can be ironed if you want a smoother appearance before putting it back around the weighted blanket insert.

How to Wash Minky Duvet Covers

The soft minky fabric is machine washable as a duvet cover for your weighted blanket. As with any other duvet, zip it back up before laundering to prevent damage to the zipper edge.

Use regular detergent without any fabric softener. Cold water is best, and the dryer should be set to low heat or no heat if the machine has an air tumble setting. Of course, drying it on a line outside is acceptable too.

Take good care of your weighted blanket no matter what material it is made from, and you will enjoy its soothing comfort for many years to come.