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For Wholesalers

  1. All items on our YnM website are available to wholesale.
  2. Minimum wholesale purchase is 50 items, but it can be mixed batch.
  3. We can label the products with your own brands, logo, packing & more.
  4. As a top seller on Amazon, we offer the premium quality.
  5. Shipment is available worldwide via ship or airmail.
  6. For more information, please contact sales manager email tiffanyliao@ynmweightedblanket.com.

For Dropshippers

  1.  It is free to dropship weighted blanket from YnM, no membership fee required.
  2. We will ship the product directly to your customer without YnM logo & information.
  3. You are allowed to download and use the pictures to start selling.
  4. Please sign up dropshipper account here.
  5. For more information, please contact sales manager tiffanyliao@ynmweightedblanket.com.

Information about Weighted Blankets

What is weighted blanket?

As the name implies, these blankets are heavier than normal ones you would find in a home or decorating store. This is not due to them only having thicker fabric, however. Instead, various types of heavier materials are sewn into pockets between the layers of the blanket. The idea is more weight without sacrificing comfort. Read more: The Weighted Blanket Ultimate Guide

Why is weighted blanket hot & what’s the use of it?

The main benefit of a weighted blanket is relaxation. This occurs for two reasons. First, the weight helps the blanket feel more like a comforting hug against your body. Science calls it “deep touch pressure” or DTP. This is the same type of feeling you get when you experience a quality massage from someone with knowledge about how to give a good one like a professional masseuse or masseur. Read more: The Weighted Blanket Ultimate Guide

How to choose the size of weighted blanket?

The perfect weight for a weighted blanket is 10% of one’s body weight + 1 pound. For example, a 140 pounds adult should choose the 15 pound weighted blanket. Read more: Weighted Blanket Size Guide

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much is the shipping cost?

For dropshippers, it is free shipping in USA locations and $20-$50 shipping cost for locations outside of USA. For wholesale, shipping cost varies according to the amount of products you order, please contact tiffanyliao@ynmweightedblanket.com for detailed information.