The Weighted Blanket Ultimate Guide

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You might have heard a lot of talk about weighted blankets online and in your community. People describe them as cozy, comforting, and therapeutic, but you might still have some confusion about what is a weighted blanket and why you should try one out for yourself or your kids. It might even seem like a […]

Weighted blanket-Guardian for your health


The passion for weighted blankets stems from health concerns, so most customers focus on the product itself. However, only high-pursuit and professional company can bring good products to customers. To have a better understanding of weighted blankets, we cannot ignore two key players – sales platform and the manufacturer. Most people may not know how […]

Evolution of weighted blanket

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Weighted blankets have existed for decades. They are initially used in mental health communities. Some psychotherapists use the weight to calm patients. At that time, in order to give patients better treatment results, they continued to increase the weight, but the results were not satisfactory. Nowadays, we know that weight and deep tactile stimuli can […]

How to improve sleeping quality?


Sleeping is essential and extremely important for every individual. Some people work crazy amount of hours including overnights, which will lead to serious health issues. Sleeping or waking up is a normal physiological process and cannot be interfered and controlled mentally by human beings. So people who suffer from sleeping disorder often struggle to improve […]