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Why Choose YnM?

YnM offers high-quality weighted blankets specifically made to provide the deep touch stimulation that triggers serotonin release for maximum stress relief and soothing both day and night. The pressure is distributed evenly for high levels of comfort. These weighted blankets have been shown to provide therapeutic help for people with excess stress, aches and pains, insomnia, restless leg syndrome, and even anxiety, ADHD, and autism. Free shipping for Canada, and ships from Canada.

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Our low prices do not mean we compromise on quality! The YnM company is dedicated to bringing the best weighted blankets to you. We constantly seek out the latest and best manufacturing methods, focus on every detail that goes into blanket construction, and strive for complete customer satisfaction with every interaction and sale. Our goal is to provide top-quality bedding and therapeutic products to consumers at budget-friendly prices.

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